What fraction of the commission does XooXooX contribute to charity?

Depending on what you purchase, XooXooX receives a commission ranging from 0% to 20% of the purchase price. XooXooX donates a portion of our commission to the charity you had selected.


Where are my XooXooX preferences stored?

You preferences are stored only on your computer. They are stored in files called Local Shared Objects.

Does XooXooX ever see my preferences?

No way! Unless you explicitly agree to share it with us, we don’t even know your name and email address. Your email address on the Control Panel is only used when you decide to share an offer with a friend or invite them to join XooXooX. And if you do share your name and email with us, we only use it to keep you updated on changes to XooXooX.

Do the merchants that provide the ads know who I am?

Not when you are requesting and viewing ads. When you purchase something, as with any online purchase, you will tell them your name and Does XooXooX know what ads I look at, what I click on, and what I purchase?

Does XooXooX know what ads I look at, what I click on, and what I purchase?

Not a chance! Even when you complete a purchase, XooXooX does not see who you are. All we need to know is the amount of each purchase and which charity you have selected so that we can make a donation on your behalf.

Why can’t I just use Grease Monkey to remove all ads on the pages that I like to visit?

While ad-free browsing may sound great at first, just imagine an Internet where instead viewing ads in exchange for seeing the content that is valuable to you, each website charged you a subscription fee to read their pages. So there may be good reasons that having web ads on the pages you view are necessary; but just because they are necessary doesn't mean that they need to be a necessary evil, irrelevant and annoying. XooXooX gives you the power to change that — to control the web ads you see.

With XooXooX you can help keep the sites that you value "free," find timely bargains, keep track of new products (or the sudden availability of rare products) in product categories that interest you, find local goods and services, and most importantly contribute to your favorite charity every time you purchase something through a XooXooX ad. We call it Everyone Wins Marketing!


Can I temporarily disable XooXooX?

Of course!

  1. While in Firefox, look to the lower right corner of the browser window. You will see the Grease Monkey status indicator:

  2. Click on the status indicator to toggle between enabled and disabled.

How will I know where the XooXooX ads are?

You'll know that they are XooXooX ads, because you'll see the XooXooX heart in the corner of each XooXooX ad. The heart is clickable and gets you access to all the XooXooX capabilities.

Why don’t I see an ad at the top of every page that I visit?

If you have the Header Ad Control, you should see ads on most pages. By default, we don’t show ads on secure sites such as banking websites. You can easily include or exclude particular web pages or web sites using Grease Monkey.

Can I tell XooXooX not to run on certain pages or cites?


  1. While in Firefox, look to the lower right corner of the browser window. You will see the Grease Monkey status indicator:
  2. Right-Click on the status indicator and select Manage User Scripts…
  3. Click on the script you would like to manage.
  4. Click on the Add… button to add a new exclusion.
  5. Enter the address of the page(s) on which you do not want to see the XooXooX ads. You can use the * as a wildcard character. In this example, ads will not show on any page with an address that starts with*.
  6. Close the script manager.
  7. Goto the page(s) that you excluded and see the result.

Can I replace ads on pages other than the ones where I see them now?

Yes, if you are comfortable creating your own Grease Monkey scripts and using the DOM Inspector in Firefox, you should be able to create scripts to insert XooXooX ads on virtually any page you visit. Since XooXooX is in pre-release, we ask that you use any scripts that you create for your own use and do not publish them for use by other Grease Monkey users.

Does XooXooX increase the number of ads I see?

No. XooXooX is not designed to increase the amount of ads on the pages you visit. XooXooX is designed to improve the personal relevance of the web ads you already see on the sidebars, etc. of the web pages you normally visit, by replacing irrelevant, annoying ads with personalized special offers for the products and services you told us you want. XooXooX is about giving you the power to control the ads you see.

Note to Pre-release testers: You can add one additional XooXooX ad to the top of most web pages you visit; the choice is is entirely up to YOU! To start seeing this extra ad, just enable the "Header Ad Control" in Grease Monkey.

Do I have to go to the XooXooX website to see my personalized offers?

There is no need to go to to see XooXooX ads, you will see them appear normally on many of the pages you visit daily.

Can I backup my preferences?

Yes, your preferences are stored in a file called preferences.sol. You can either search for this file or you may find them in these common locations:

Windows Vista C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects

Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\

Mac OSX ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia/Flash Player/

Linux ~/.macromedia


What is Grease Monkey?

Grease Monkey is an open tool that let’s you view the web the way that you want it. After a web page is downloaded, you can use Java Script to modify the page in any way that you would like. You can customize its appearance and content.

Why does XooXooX require Firefox?

The pre-release version of XooXooX uses Grease Monkey to show you ads. Currently Grease Monkey is only available on Firefox 3.x.

Can I insert a XooXooX ad on my web page?

For sure! Just insert this code into your page.

What ad formats are supported?

Check out this page of sample ads.


On some pages, the Header Ad Control gets mangled, what’s up with that?

While the commercial release of XooXooX, web sites will make space on their pages for XooXooX, in the pre-release version, we are clearing space after their page loads. Most pages use a concept called relative position that allows us to easily insert XooXooX at the top and slide the rest of the page down a bit, however some pages use a concept called absolute positioning that make it tricky to slide their page down sometimes resulting in an unintended graphical effect.

Something else seems to have gone wrong?

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