You may need to restart your browser during the installation process. Please consider bookmarking this page so you can continue where you leave off.

Firefox 3.x or 2.x

  1. Verify that you are browsing using Firefox 3.x or Firefox2.x
    1. Open Firefox.
    2. From the Help menu, select About Mozilla Firefox.
    3. Verify that you have a version that is newer than 2.0.0.
    4. If you need to install Firefox or upgrade from a prior version, please click this link.
Firefox 3

Grease Monkey

  1. Verify that you have the Grease Monkey add-on installed in Firefox.
    1. While in Firefox, verify that you see a Greasemonky item in the Tools menu.
  2. If you need to install Grease Monkey, please click this link. Install Grease Monkey!
    1. Once there, click on the Add to Firefox button.

XooXooX Scripts

Install the Grease Monkey scripts that will let you see XooXooX ads. Please click the links below. When prompted, please allow the script installation to proceed. Remember, you can always disable and enable scripts once they are installed. To learn how to do this or if you experience any difficulties please see the FAQ.

Footer Ads

This script will insert an ad selected by XooXooX underneath most pages you visit.

Right Side Ads

This script will insert an ad selected by XooXooX on the right of most pages you visit.

Header Ads

This script will insert an ad selected by XooXooX above most pages you visit.


Please read the pre-release agreement. To acquire a license you must scroll through the entire agreement, click on the Agree button, enter your initials, and click submit.

Pre Release Agreement